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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Welcome to "Lord, I Want to Know You!"

Welcome Everyone!
On June 30th, we are starting "Lord, I Want to Know You!" Bible Study by Kay Arthur.  I have heard from so many ladies many things about Bible Study time.   Some of you want to participate, but the time that we're meeting just doesn't fit your summer schedule.  Others of you don't even live in New Orleans!  You would like to do the study - but you live in Texas, or New York, or Utah! 

Well, I'm here to invite all my friends to do this wonderful study 
on the Names of God with me - right here - online!

How will this work?
First - become a follower of this blog.  That way I'll know who's interested in doing the study.  Then each week, I'll post discussion questions and you can leave comments or questions you may have about the chapters.  

What about the book?

You can purchase the book just about anywhere!  You can either go to or any LifeWay Christian Store will have it as well.  You might can even find it at a Barnes & Noble.  I believe the book is about $14.

What is this study all about?

Everyone loves to hear their own name said aloud!  So does God!  And God has MANY names!  He has a name for just about anything you may need - healing, comfort, provider!  The more we know about His Name - the better we will know our God.  Please join us right here.. as we study the names of God together!

I'm so excited about this new addition to our Ladies Bible Studies!  I'm looking forward to seeing just who all will join us from all over the world!  No matter where you live, what you do, who you are - YOU ARE WELCOME here!

Your sis in the faith,